“Uni-Boob”: A Solution For Congenital Symmastia


Symmastia refers to the general joining of the breasts in the middle where a natural cleavage area should exist.  Symmastia is most often seen as a complication of breast augmentation with implants where the implant pockets are created too close together allowing the tissue over the sternum to lift which eliminates the natural cleavage that exists between breasts.

A less common form of symmastia but still prevalent is congenital symmastia.  This is when patients are born with breasts that are too close together.  Often, patients assume that this is just how they were born or developed and that no good solutions exist.  Liposuction of the area between the breasts has been the leading treatment of congenital symmastia in the past, but this has not really provided any appreciable results.

I believe we now have a solution!

The patient shown below had significant congenital symmastia.  As you can see there is no distinct boundary between her breasts.  One breast generally blends into the other, essentially preventing her from wearing any clothes that shows off her cleavage area.  using one small incision in her breast fold we were able to perform a new procedure for congenital symmastia; providing the patient with a natural separation and cleavage of her breasts.  The patient is shown below at six weeks following her surgery.  The small dimple at the upper part of her sternum will continue to soften with time.

Congenital Symmastia

Before: Congenital Symmastia

Cogenital Symmastia Correction

After: Congenital Symmastia Correction



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