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Phoenix Plastic Surgery Practice Expands Selection of Liposuction Procedures

Advanced Aesthetic Associates now provides an extended menu of liposuction procedures, including power-assisted liposuction and liposuction with subsequent fat grafting, both of which permanently remove unwanted fat from the treated area.

Phoenix, Arizona (May 2011) – The plastic surgeons at Advanced Aesthetic Associates is excited to announce the expansion of liposuction procedures offered for Phoenix plastic surgery patients. With technological advancements in procedures, plastic surgeons are able to effectively remove excess fat deposits from areas of the body. Liposuction helps people create a more proportional body shape, improving areas such as the abdomen, thighs, arms, and legs.

"Phoenix liposuction patients can contour the shape of their bodies and reach their cosmetic goals with the expansion of our liposuction procedures," notes Dr. Repta. "Advanced Aesthetic Associates is committed to staying on the forefront of advances in plastic surgery procedures, and we look forward to helping men and women as they achieve the bodies they've always wanted. Liposuction is a great way for people to eliminate excess fat, and look their best."

Dr. Repta, a board-certified plastic surgeon, says that many people are drawn to liposuction because of the possibilities created by procedures like fat grafting. This allows people to experience the benefits of liposuction, while simultaneously restoring and enhancing areas that have lost volume over time. During the procedure, a patient's fat is delicately extracted, purified, and then re-injected into specific areas of the face or body.

"Our cosmetic surgery patients in Phoenix are turning to more advanced procedures to not only remove excess fat from areas of the body, but also to augment the shape and contour of their figures," says Dr. Repta. "Fat grafting allows patients at Advanced Aesthetic Associates to enhance regions that typically experience volume loss over time. Men and women can use their own fat to effectively restore a youthful and healthy appearance. Injected fat that establishes blood supply will provide long-lasting volume for the patient."

The expansion of liposuction procedures at Advanced Aesthetic Associates allows people to choose from a greater variety of procedures to fulfill their specific needs. Liposuction and subsequent fat grafting is popular among men and women who want to remove the folds and creases that appear with the aging process. Unlike injectable fillers, fat grafting provides a permanent solution to fat loss. People can remove excess fat from unwanted areas, while permanently restoring their skin with a single procedure.

"The combination of body slimming and volume restoration allows my patients to experience the best of both worlds," says Dr. Repta. "Men and women can choose specific areas where they want fat removed, while additionally restoring a healthy facial appearance. The results are permanent, and the benefits are endless. My team and I are passionate about providing the most advanced procedures, and we look forward to serving the diverse needs of men and women as we continue to grow our practice."

For more detailed information about liposuction in Phoenix, AZ, click here to request a consultationrequest a consultation at Advanced Aesthetic Associates today. Or you can call our office at
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