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Nose Shaping/Rhinoplasty
This patient came to see Dr. Prichard for nose re-shaping.  She was unhappy regarding the size and shape of her nose.  She wanted a change ... more

Nose Shaping/Rhinoplasty
This 25 year old woman from Phoenix AZ was seen by Dr. Repta at our Scottsdale AZ office for nose shaping.  The patient reported breathing proble... more

Nose Shaping/Rhinoplasty
46 year old Male Rhinoplasty
Skin Tone: Medium

Nose Shaping/Rhinoplasty
54 Year old female rhinoplasty
Skin Tone: Medium

Nose Shaping/Rhinoplasty, Trauma Rhinoplasty
This 45 year old woman from Los Angeles, CA was seen by Dr. Repta at our Phoenix, AZ office for nasal reconstruction.  She underwent a two-stage... more
Skin Tone: Light

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