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Nose Shaping/Rhinoplasty
This young lady was seen in consultation by Dr. Repta at our Phoenix AZ office for nose shaping.  She desired an improved balance in the shape a... more

Facial Reconstruction, Nose Shaping/Rhinoplasty
This gentlemen from Phoenix AZ was seen by Dr. Repta at our Scottsdale AZ office for nose shaping.  Upon closer examination the patient was noted... more

Nose Shaping/Rhinoplasty
This lovely lady came to see Dr. Prichard with concerns regarding the size of her nose.  She disliked her profile as well as the wide amorphous ... more

Nose Shaping/Rhinoplasty
24 year old Female Rhinoplasty
Skin Tone: Light

Nose Shaping/Rhinoplasty
This patient was seen at our Phoenix AZ office for nose shaping.  Her goals and options were discussed.  She elected to undergo an open rhin... more

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