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Implant-based, Nipple-Areola Reconstruction
This 45-year-old woman from Scottsdale, AZ underwent bilateral immediate breast reconstruction using tissue expanders followed by cohesive silicone g... more

Breast Reconstruction, Nipple-Areola Reconstruction
Representative close-up photo following breast reconstruction with a reconstructed nipple and nipple-areolar complex tattoo performed at our breast r... more

Breast Fat Grafting, Breast Reconstruction, Flap-based, Nipple-Areola Reconstruction
This 53-year-old woman from Flagstaff, AZ underwent bilateral mastectomy for breast cancer followed by immediate breast reconstruction with latissimu... more

Breast Reconstruction, Implant-based, Nipple-Areola Reconstruction
This 66-year-old woman from Scottsdale, Arizona opted for bilateral mastectomy for her left breast cancer.  She underwent immediate reconstructi... more

Breast Reconstruction, Nipple-Areola Reconstruction, Revision Reconstructed Breast
This 59-year-old woman from San Diego, CA presented with complaints of the appearance of her bilateral reconstructed breasts.  She was displease... more

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