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Breast Fat Grafting, Revision Reconstructed Breast
This 52-year-old woman from Flagstaff, AZ requested consultation for revision of her bilateral reconstructed breasts.  She had worsening pain, c... more

Microsurgical-based - DIEP/SGAP/Perforator Flaps, Revision Reconstructed Breast
This 57-year-old woman from Phoenix, AZ presented with pain, numbness, and complaints of the appearance of her right reconstructed breast her breast ... more

Breast Fat Grafting, Breast Fat Transfer, Breast Reconstruction, Revision Reconstructed Breast
  This is a 51-year-old female from Scottsdale, Arizona who underwent breast reconstruction for breast cancer.  She was quite unhppy with... more

Revision Reconstructed Breast
This 63-year-old woman from Phoenix, AZ had complaints of asymmetry of her breasts as well as pain and deformity of the left breast following a lumpe... more

Breast Fat Grafting, Breast Reconstruction, Implant-based, Revision Reconstructed Breast
This young 27-year-old woman from Tempe, AZ had an early-stage breast cancer for which she opted for a right nipple-sparing mastectomy.  She des... more

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