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Breast Augmentation
This 30 year old patient desired to improve the shape and appearance of her breasts through breast augmentation.  She was seen at our Phoenix AZ... more

Breast Augmentation
This 24-year-old woman from Scottsdale, AZ had wished for larger and fuller breasts.  Bilateral breast augmentation was performed using silicone... more

Breast Augmentation
This patient from Scottsdale AZ was seen in consultation for breast augmentation.  She desired natural looking and proportional breasts.  We... more

Breast Augmentation
This patient and mother of two from Scottsdale, AZ was seen in consultation for breast augmentation by Dr. Repta.  She desired to achieve a balan... more

Breast Augmentation
This young lady came to see Dr. Prichard for fuller breasts with accentuated cleavage.  She wanted breasts that moved naturally and did not flex... more
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