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Breast Reconstruction, Implant-based
This 43-year-old woman from Peoria, AZ had bilateral mastectomy followed by  tissue expander breast resocntruction.  After adequate expansi... more

Breast Reconstruction, Flap-based, Microsurgical-based - DIEP/SGAP/Perforator Flaps
This 53-year-old woman from Scottsdale, AZ sought immediate breast reconstruction following her bilateral mastectomy.  She did have a previous h... more

Breast Reconstruction, Implant-based
This 41-year-old woman from Scottsdale, AZ opted for bilateral mastectomy for treatment of her breast cancer.  She did have breast implants for ... more

Breast Implant Revision, Breast Reconstruction
This unfortunate lady came in to see Dr. Prichard after having had an augmentation elsewhere and having a horrible infection that caused the unsightl... more

Breast Reconstruction, Implant-based, Nipple-Areola Reconstruction
This 57-year-old woman from Paradise Valley, AZ desired immediated one-stage breast reconstruction following her ilateral mastectomy for breast cance... more

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