Choosing a Plastic Surgeon


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As elective plastic surgery gains popularity and acceptance, many inexperienced doctors and even nonmedical professionals have started offering cosmetic services to people seeking novel procedures or bargain prices. Unfortunately, these providers don't always use FDA-approved techniques or work in safe and appropriate facilities. There are a few things you should always look for when choosing a plastic surgeon in Scottsdale or Phoenix.

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Whenever someone is undergoing surgery, be it cosmetic or medically necessary, careful research is important. Looking into your surgeon's skills and the quality of the operating facility can ensure that you end up with a smooth surgical process and beautiful results. Make sure to consider:

  • Experience: In Scottsdale, your plastic surgeon should have ample experience performing your selected procedure. Experience and specialized training ensures that he or she uses accepted, up-to-date techniques and is familiar with potential complications and risks associated with the procedure.
    Though board certification is certainly an advantage, it is not a requirement for a good surgeon. Most surgeons do not achieve board certification until several years into their careers. Talk to your doctor about whether he or she is certified or is working toward certification.
  • Patient Reviews: With the popularity of online platforms for patients to share their experiences with a particular doctor, it's easy to find unbiased testimonials of your chosen surgeon. Friends and family who live near Scottsdale and have had plastic surgery can be good resources, as well. And you can always count on your primary care doctor to refer you to someone who has a good reputation within the local medical community.
  • Before-and-After Photos: Reviewing real before-and-after photos of a doctor's previous patients can be an excellent way to gauge his or her skills. If your doctor doesn't offer any on his or her website, you may ask to see them at your initial consultation. It can be a red flag if the doctor refuses or is unable to produce them.
  • Comprehensive Care: Good surgeons take a genuine interest in the desires and well-being of their patients. Your doctor should listen to your questions and concerns and be able to address them fully. At consultations or preoperative appointments, you should never feel rushed or pressured to schedule plastic surgery. At our practice, care doesn't end after the sutures are in, either. Good post-op instructions and thorough follow-up appointments ensure that the healing process runs smoothly and on schedule.
  • Chemistry: The best results of any surgery are obtained when there is a solid, trusting partnership between surgeon and patient. Your doctor should make you feel comfortable and at ease. If you don't feel like he or she understands your desires, or if you just don't "click," it's not unreasonable to resume your search.

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