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Dr. Remus Repta

"I am fortunate and grateful to have worked with and learned from a handful of wonderful surgeons and patients. Among the many great lessons learned I hold the following particularly close to my heart: It is an honor to be a plastic surgeon. I remind myself of this each and every day and strive to provide my patients with the very best results possible."

Dr. Remus Repta of Advanced Aesthetic Associates is a highly-skilled Phoenix and Scottsdale cosmetic plastic surgeon who specializes in cosmetic surgery. He has co-authored The Atlas of Abdominoplasty, a plastic surgery textbook that serves as an international reference for plastic surgeons performing abdominoplasty or tummy tuck procedures. Dr. Repta has also published extensively in a number of plastic surgery journals including the prestigious Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Journal on many subjects including techniques to shape and rejuvenate the buttocks. He has lectured at regional, national, and international plastic surgery meetings on various plastic surgery subjects including the Mommy Makeover procedure. Dr. Repta is also a volunteer contributor to Real Self, where he answers questions to help people make informed decisions about surgical procedures.

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Dr. Repta graduated with high honors from Portland State University where he studied Psychology and Biology. Based in part on his accomplishments, he was honored with the Laurel Merit Scholarship at Oregon Health Sciences University, which covered the full cost of medical school tuition for four years. Upon completing medical school he was accepted to the highly-competitive plastic surgery residency program at Michigan State University where he trained with many accomplished plastic surgeons including renowned breast surgeon Dr. Dennis Hammond. Following residency, Dr. Repta completed two highly sought after fellowships in cosmetic plastic surgery with acclaimed plastic surgeons, Dr. Joseph Hunstad – internationally known for body contouring – and Dr. Grant Stevens. During his fellowship with Dr. Hunstad, Dr. Repta co-authored "The Atlas of Abdominoplasty" and helped to introduce new innovative body contouring procedures to the plastic surgery literature including the Purse-String Gluteoplasty, a technique to shape and rejuvenate the buttocks. Dr. Repta is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

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