Plastic Surgery After Weight Loss


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Whether it's through bariatric surgery or a strong commitment to healthy living, significant weight loss is one of the best things you can do for yourself. But sometimes, rapid weight loss can leave behind loose, hanging skin, preventing you from fully enjoying your improved body. As a result, many people turn to plastic surgery after weight loss, including tummy tuck and other forms of body contouring, at our Scottsdale-area practice. These procedures can put the finishing touches on your new body and reward you for your hard work with smooth, taut contours.

To visit us in Phoenix or Scottsdale and find out if plastic surgery after weight loss is right for you, request a consultation using our online form. Or you can call our office at (480) 752-7874 to schedule your appointment.

About Plastic Surgery After Weight Loss

At Advanced Aesthetic Associates, your options for improving your body after weight loss vary depending on your goals. The main objective for most patients is to reduce extra skin. Through careful surgical excision, we can effectively remove droopy, sagging skin of the upper and lower body. Popular procedures include:

Many patients require a combination of these procedures, and some also have concerns about loose skin around the neck and lower face. Depending on your medical history and aesthetic goals, we may decide to perform all procedures as part of a single surgery or multiple surgeries spaced several months apart. Our surgeons also frequently perform hernia repair for ventral or umbilical hernias that occur after bariatric surgery or for another reason. These reconstructive surgeries can be done on their own or at the same time as abdominal contouring procedures.

During your consultation, your physician will ask you questions about your weight-loss process and review your medical background. You'll also talk about your lifestyle and your long-term goals to ensure that the time is right for surgery. If you plan to lose more weight, your surgeon my advise you to postpone your body contouring procedure for the most long-lasting results.

Your doctor will also perform a physical examination to gauge the need for surgery and evaluate the condition of your skin and other tissue. We understand that, for many, body contouring surgery is the last step of a long weight-loss process, and we approach each patient with sensitivity and completely personalized care.

Benefits of Plastic Surgery After Weight Loss

Removing excess skin left behind after a significant weight loss has many advantages. Perhaps the most profound result is each patient's sense of personal confidence. After many years of being overweight, significant weight loss can feel like a mixed victory for those who still struggle with the frustration of loose skin. When the skin is removed, these men and women can fully enjoy their new bodies through activities that were previously out of the question – from shopping for clothes in stylish boutiques to feeling confident at the beach or pool.

Other benefits include improved mobility and fewer incidences of rashes and skin irritation. Many people find they are so comfortable being active that they take up fitness and recreational activities they never would have considered before.

How Much Does Plastic Surgery After Weight Loss Cost?

The cost of your surgery is highly variable based on the exact procedures you choose, as well as the specifications of each. During your consultation, we'll offer you a written quote that reflects your precise treatments and includes surgeon's fees, anesthesia fees, and other costs.

Keep in mind that some reconstructive procedures, including some plastic surgery procedures after weight loss, are covered by private insurance. These include panniculectomy, breast reduction, hernia repair, and others. In most cases, proper documentation from your general practitioner is required. If any of your procedures is eligible for even partial insurance coverage, we'll help you navigate the process to make it as easy as possible.

Your Plastic Surgery Procedure

Because each procedure is different, it's hard to provide an exact overview on our website of what your surgery will entail. These types of procedures are almost always performed while you are under general anesthesia, and they're typically outpatient procedures. Depending on the parts of your body on which you've chosen to focus, your surgeon may remove residual fat, tighten loose or weakened muscles, and remove excess skin, smoothing and tightening it in a process called redraping. Your surgeon closes your incisions with sutures, and he may also add surgical drains to reduce the accumulation of fluid as you heal.

We'll provide you with a step-by-step walkthrough of each part of your operation, and we invite you to explore other areas of our website for more details on the body contouring treatments you are considering.

What to Expect During Recovery

Depending on the specifics of your surgery, you may be recuperating at home for around 2 weeks. During this time, discomfort is manageable with prescribed medications. We advise you on how to care for your surgical drains and dressings, as well as what you can expect from swelling and bruising. Although you'll need to rest at home to allow your incisions to heal properly, it's important to stay lightly mobile in order to avoid blood clots. We recommend taking short walks around the house several times a day.

At your subsequent follow-up appointments, your surgeon will evaluate your incisions to ensure your healing is progressing on schedule. He will advise you on how soon you may resume certain activities, including exercise.

As you heal and your swelling diminishes, your improved contours will become more noticeable. By avoiding significant gains or losses for as long as possible, you can maintain your results indefinitely.

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