Arm Lift (Brachioplasty)


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At Advanced Aesthetic Associates, an arm lift or brachioplasty in our Phoenix and Scottsdale practice encompasses a group of cosmetic procedures used to slim, shape, and tighten the upper arm. There are many women who are unhappy with the appearance of their arms, particularly if they feel that the upper arm:

  • Jiggles or hangs in an unpleasant way
  • Is disproportionately bulky
  • Displays excess, stretched skin

Whether secondary to aging or weight loss, the shape and contour of the upper arms can be a big source of dissatisfaction for many women. While a proper diet and exercise is the cornerstone of achieving a fit body, some parts of our body do not seem to improve regardless of how hard we try.

About Your Arm Lift

Skin and soft-tissue laxity caused by time, weight fluctuation, or excessive sun exposure rarely improves with diet and exercise. There are a variety of rejuvenating procedures available to help improve the appearance of your arms. Typically, these involve an incision along the inside of the upper arm, that varies in length depending on the degree of correction necessary. In some cases, liposuction can significantly improve the appearance of the upper arm, and may be done alone or in combination with other brachioplasty procedures. If you have excessive skin on your arms and other areas of your body due to a significant weight loss, plastic surgery after weight loss may offer you more comprehensive results. During your consultation, Dr. Prichard, Dr. Repta, Dr. Andres, or Dr. Mussman can help you decide which treatment is best suited for your body and your goals.

If you would like to learn more about arm lift, request a consultationrequest a consultation at Advanced Aesthetic Associates today. Or you can call our office at (480) 752-7874 to schedule your appointment.

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