Breast Augmentation Techniques


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At Advanced Aesthetic Associates in Phoenix and Scottsdale, our breast augmentation patients have many choices about how the procedure is performed. Making decisions about incision and implant placement can be difficult without the guidance of a trustworthy surgeon. Dr. Prichard, Dr. Repta, Dr. Andres, and Dr. Mussman are committed to helping you make educated choices about your surgery so you will feel confident and well informed from start to finish.

If you would like to explore your breast augmentation options in our Scottsdale or Phoenix office, request a consultationrequest a consultation at Advanced Aesthetic Associates today. Or you can call our office at (480) 752-7874 to schedule your appointment.

Incision Placement

During breast augmentation, an implant is placed behind the breast through a small incision. Although certain incision locations are better suited for saline or silicone implants, the choice mainly comes down to personal preference. Your surgeon will review the following common incision locations with you during your breast augmentation consultation:

  • Inframammary fold: This incision is made along the crease under the breast and is often chosen because it allows the surgeon more control over the exact placement of the implant. Additionally, inframammary fold incisions do not affect nipple sensation or breastfeeding. Most women choose to have their breast augmentation performed via this type of incision.
  • Periareolar: This incision is made along the color-change line around the lower half of the areola. Many women like the inconspicuous scars from periareolar incisions. However, there is a chance that this method can affect nipple sensitivity and the ability to breastfeed.
  • Transaxillary: Women who want no scarring on the breasts often choose transaxillary incisions. Using this method, the implant is inserted through a small incision in the armpit. This approach creates more technical challenges for the surgeon because of the incision's remote location. The transaxillary incision also limits the size of implant that can be placed if the patient has chosen silicone.
  • Transumbilical: This method, also known as a TUBA incision, is chosen by women who want no scarring on the breasts. Implants are inserted through an incision made in the belly button. Only saline implants can be used with a TUBA incision. This method also limits the surgeon's control of the breast pocket.

Breast Implant Placement

After making the incision, the surgeon creates space for the breast implant, which is called the pocket. Ideal placement of this pocket depends on the amount of breast tissue you have, the type of implants you choose, and the look you want to achieve. Options for implant placement are:

  • Subpectoral: This technique, sometimes called "submuscular" placement, is currently the most commonly performed for breast augmentation. The implant is placed under the chest (pectoralis) muscle. It is best for very thin women and for women choosing saline implants. Recovery is longer, as is the time required for the breast to look naturally round and soft.
  • Subglandular: The implant is placed under the mammary gland but over the chest muscle. This is the original method of placing implants. The implant tends to feel softer and recovery is quicker than subpectoral placement. Women who are too thin or have too much breast laxity may not be best served by this method.
  • Subfacscial: This approach can offer the advantages of both subglandular and subpectoral techniques. The breast implants are placed under the connective tissue of the muscle but still on top of the muscle. The overlying fascia helps provide support for the implant but offers a level of breast fullness, feeling, and recovery similar to subglandular placement.

For answers to common questions about breast augmentation, visit our Breast Augmentation FAQ page.

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