Breast Augmentation


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The women who visit us in Phoenix and Scottsdale for breast augmentation can attain dramatic improvement in the size, shape, and symmetry of their breasts. In addition, the silhouette and proportion of the upper body is often improved, allowing clothes to fit better and giving the whole body a more balanced look.

If you would like to explore your options for breast augmentation in Scottsdale or Phoenix, AZ, request a consultationrequest a consultation at Advanced Aesthetic Associates today. Or you can call our office at (480) 752-7874 to schedule your appointment.

Benefits of Breast Augmentation

Women visit us for breast augmentation for their own personal aesthetic goals, which typically include one or more of the following improvements:

  • Adding fullness to naturally small breasts
  • Restoring volume to breasts that have become smaller after having children or losing weight
  • Correcting asymmetry when breast size is uneven
  • Attaining balanced body proportions

Whether you get breast augmentation alone or in combination with other breast enhancement procedures such as a breast lift or nipple correction, the goal is always to help you feel better about the appearance of your breasts and the overall look of your body.

Your Breast Augmentation Consultation

At your consultation, your surgeon will walk you through decisions about breast implants and surgical techniques in order to provide the results you desire. View the following pages for more information:

Your surgeon will discuss the procedure with you in detail so that you feel educated and confident in your choices.

Your Breast Augmentation Surgery

Our surgeons typically perform breast augmentation as an outpatient procedure using IV sedation or general anesthesia, which is delivered under the care of a board-certified anesthesiologist. The surgery takes approximately 2 hours to complete or longer if performed as part of a Mommy Makeover.

What to Expect for Recovery

Breast augmentation patients typically go home the day of surgery. It's important to arrange for an adult to drive you home and help care for you for the first day or 2. It's common to have some bruising, swelling, and a feeling of tightness in the chest area initially.

In order to promote healing, your surgeon will have you wear a surgical support bra and place restrictions on your activity level initially. Avoid lifting, pulling, or pushing for the first 10 days. Most patients are able to return to normal daily activities, including work or school, within a week to 10 days and more strenuous activity in about 3 to 4 weeks.

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