Buttock Rejuvenation


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Attractive buttocks are often associated with health and sensuality, as seen in classic art as well as current fashion and popular culture. Although what is deemed the perfect bottom may vary among cultures and individuals, some attractive qualities are nearly universal. The plastic surgeons at Advanced Aesthetic Associates perform buttock rejuvenation surgery in Scottsdale and Phoenix to help women and men have the full, rounded buttocks they want.

To find out more about buttock rejuvenation procedures such as the Brazilian butt lift in Scottsdale or Phoenix, request a consultation at Advanced Aesthetic Associates today. Or you can call our office at (480) 752-7874 to schedule your appointment.

Benefits of Buttock Rejuvenation

Like other parts of the body, the shape and contour of the buttocks change with age, weight fluctuations, and fitness level. You may notice that your bottom isn't as "perky" as it once was, which may be due to changes in the muscle or skin tone that occur with time. There are a variety of buttocks rejuvenating and shaping procedures available to help correct these changes and return the shape and contour of your buttocks to their youthful state. At Advanced Aesthetic Associates, buttock rejuvenation surgery can:

  • Lift sagging skin and tissue
  • Add volume to flattened buttocks
  • Restore a more rounded shape to the buttocks

Many men and women often have buttock rejuvenation performed along with a thigh lift or a tummy tuck for more complete lower body contouring.

Our Body Contouring Specialists

Our plastic surgeons have the skills and experience necessary to help you achieve your goal of having beautiful buttocks. They have extensive knowledge of the most current buttock reshaping techniques including:

  • Brazilian butt lift enlarges and shapes the buttocks through fat grafting
  • Purse-string gluteoplasty lifts and augments the buttocks using the patient's own tissue

Dr. Repta co-authored The Atlas of Abdominoplasty, which includes a section on buttock reshaping. This comprehensive reference is used by plastic surgeons worldwide who perform body contouring procedures. Dr. Repta's involvement in writing this reference is a testament to the knowledge and skill of the plastic surgeons at Advanced Aesthetic Associates.

How Much Does Buttock Rejuvenation Cost?

Buttock rejuvenation surgery typically costs from $7,500 to $10,000. Although it is important to consider the cost, your safety and results depend on choosing a surgeon who is appropriately trained and has sufficient experience performing this procedure. Visit our Choosing a Plastic Surgeon page for more information.

Your Buttock Rejuvenation Surgery

Our surgeons perform buttock rejuvenation surgery as an outpatient procedure using IV sedation or general anesthesia delivered under the care of a board-certified anesthesiologist. For the Brazilian butt lift, our surgeons use liposuction to harvest fat. They often sculpt trouble spots such as the thighs or hips at this time, as well. They then purify and inject the fact into the buttocks.

If you have a different buttock rejuvenation procedure, your surgeon will discuss the surgical details, including incision placement, in advance.

What to Expect During Recovery

After your buttock rejuvenation surgery, it's important to sleep facing down and avoid sitting on your buttocks for longer than an hour at a time for about the first 2 weeks. The amount of time you will need to take off work will depend on your job and the type of buttock surgery you choose. Your surgeon will review these details with you before the day of your surgery.

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