Nipple/Areola Surgery


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It isn't often discussed, but many women feel self-conscious about the appearance of their nipples or their areolas (the circle of more darkly pigmented skin around the nipple). For women who seek nipple enhancement, our Phoenix and Scottsdale plastic surgeons specialize in repairing this delicate area while maintaining the sensation and function of the nipples.

Nipple and areola correction surgery can be performed alone or during another breast enhancement procedure such as breast reduction or breast augmentation in our Scottsdale and Phoenix practice. This breast enhancement surgery is used to improve the size, shape, and appearance of the nipples and/or areolas. There are a number of procedures available to correct a variety of nipple and areola problems including:

  • Inverted nipples
  • Large or prominent nipples
  • Large areolas
  • Areolas of different sizes

These procedures are very safe and can provide tremendously gratifying results. Newer techniques also allow the doctors to preserve the ducts and deeper structures of the nipples so sensation and function is not affected.

If you have been considering nipple and areola correction surgery, Dr. Prichard, Dr. Repta, Dr. Andres, and Dr. Mussman can discuss the options available and recommend the best treatment to meet your individual goals.

For more detailed information about nipple surgery, request a consultationrequest a consultation at Advanced Aesthetic Associates today. Or you can call our office at (480) 752-7874 to schedule your appointment.

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