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One of the most common body contouring procedures performed at Advanced Aesthetic Associates is abdominoplasty, often called a tummy tuck. For our Scottsdale and Phoenix patients, we can provide dramatic improvement in the shape and contour of the waist and abdomen, eliminate unsightly stretch marks, and create a beautiful, youthful looking belly button.

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"....we did not invent the tummy tuck procedure....we just helped write the textbook on it....The Atlas of Abdominoplasty."

Benefits of a Tummy Tuck

The popularity of tummy tuck procedures is in part due to the fact that some parts of the body do not respond to diet and exercise. Loose skin caused by weight loss, pregnancy, sun exposure, or the natural aging process will not improve with diet and exercise alone. Similarly, stretched abdominal muscles after weight loss or pregnancy will not improve regardless of how many crunches you do. Dr. Prichard, Dr. Repta, Dr. Andres, and Dr. Mussman use tummy tuck surgery to help patients restore a youthful figure by:

  • Removing excess skin and fat
  • Tightening the abdominal muscles
  • Rejuvenating the shape and appearance of the belly button

Whether your tummy tuck is performed as an individual procedure or in combination with another procedure such as breast augmentation, the goal is always to increase your confidence about the appearance of your midsection and the overall look of your body. A tummy tuck is often included in a personalized set of procedures called a Mommy Makeover, which is designed to reverse many of the effects of pregnancy on a woman's body.

Choose Our Abdominoplasty Specialists

As specialists in abdominoplasty, our Phoenix and Scottsdale surgeons have extensive knowledge of the most current body contouring techniques and are experienced in a wide range of tummy tuck and abdominal contouring procedures. From the mini tummy tuck to the circumferential lower body lift, the right procedure for each individual must be selected and tailored to ensure the best possible results.

Dr. Repta co-authored The Atlas of Abdominoplasty, a comprehensive reference for plastic surgeons worldwide who perform abdominoplasty and body contouring procedures. His involvement in writing this reference is a testament to the knowledge and skill of the plastic surgeons at Advanced Aesthetic Associates.

We offer specialized body contouring procedures rarely performed by other surgeons including:

Your Tummy Tuck Surgery

Our surgeons perform most tummy tuck procedures as outpatient surgery using IV sedation or general anesthesia, which is delivered under the care of a board-certified anesthesiologist. The surgery takes approximately 3 hours to complete or longer if performed as part of a Mommy Makeover.

Review our Tummy Tuck FAQ for more information about this procedure.

What to Expect for Recovery

After your tummy tuck surgery, your abdomen will be wrapped in an elastic binder that will minimize swelling and provide stability. You will need to wear this binder consistently for the first several weeks. Most patients also return home with one or more surgical drains to empty fluid from the surgical area. Your surgeon will remove them at a follow-up appointment several days after surgery.

Recovery after a tummy tuck can vary greatly depending on what kind of procedure is performed. In general, tummy tuck patients should expect to take at least 1 week away from work. Our surgeons usually recommend resuming light activity as soon as possible in order to facilitate healing, but you'll still need to avoid strenuous activity and heavy lifting for about 6 weeks. It's best if you have a spouse or trusted friend to help you around the house during this time.

Tummy Tuck Repair

Many patients come to our practice to correct or improve a previously performed tummy tuck or body contouring procedure. Reasons for revision surgery may include:

  • Unattractive scars
  • Loose skin
  • Residual fat
  • An unattractive belly button
  • Internal scar tissue (technically called pseudobursa)

Our doctors have solutions to help you achieve the result you wanted from the start. Tummy tuck repair or revision tummy tuck procedures encompass a variety of different solutions to improve prior surgical results. So, if there are things about your results from a previous tummy tuck that bother you, there is no need to worry. At Advanced Aesthetic Associates, Dr. Repta, Dr. Prichard, Dr. Andres, and Dr. Mussman have the experience to help you finally achieve a satisfying result.

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